Rooftop Glam Escape


This project consisted of the new construction of a masonry garage featuring a rooftop deck in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. In collaboration with Boeman Design and Reveal Design, our team built a 2-car garage designed to bear the weight of a luxurious outdoor living area which was intended to represent an extension of the existing arts & crafts style bungalow.


The rooftop consisted of a porcelain pedestal tile system designed for aesthetic appeal while also providing proper water drainage. The masonry walls were raised well beyond the roofline to surround the space and provide ample privacy. A steel staircase and pergola were custom fabricated to provide a luxurious entrance and housing for the outdoor living area. Electrical lighting and audio-visual installations created the illusion of an interior space which was open to the sky.

Our team was challenged on this project by inhospitable weather during the summer months which consisted of constant, relentless rain and storms which severely delayed the pouring of our foundations. In addition, following demolition of the existing framed garage, we found an electrical main pipe in critical path of our foundations. Integro coordinated extensively with Commonwealth Edison to relocate this main pipe with strong consideration of the overall construction budget and schedule regarding our approach to remedy.


This garage was finished with the addition of foliage, re-designed landscaping of the existing backyard, and the construction of a single-level porch at the rear exterior of the house.


The construction of this garage created approximately 500 square feet of additional living area. Together with Boeman Design and Reveal Design, this new space provides a cozy oasis for this vibrant young family to gather and embrace the outdoors.

Project Photos

Lincoln Square Neighborhood, Chicago, IL