Mom and Dad’s House: Final Reveal!

It started with the windows…

If you give a contractor a window, they’re going to ask you for the casing, if you give them the casing, they’re going to ask you for baseboards, if you give them baseboards, they’re going to ask you for the paint. If you give them paint, you’re going to renovate your whole house.

Alright folks, Integro is known for executing projects. We are on top of our projects. We love our projects. We nurture them like newborns.

If you asked my parents for this reference, you definitely wouldn’t get it.

What?! My mom WORKS for Integro! She understands how busy we were! Right!…Right???…RIGHT?!!!

Mehhhh, maybe not so much. So, this was our LAST update:

Our last update on Mom and Dad’s House

In my defense, it’s not as bad as it seems! We DID finish. We just had a few change orders, that’s all. Specifically, some exterior work.  Hey, every client is allowed change orders!

Also, it should not be discounted that my childhood home now looks SPECTACULAR!

So, while I may not be the favorite daughter anymore, I’m still allowed to host a holiday.

Okay, here it is! The final reveal! My parents and I both agree that it was worth the wait, I hope you think so too:


There are few things I have found in life that are more rewarding than being able to breathe new life into my childhood home. Unexpectedly, I think we also welcomed my parents into the next era of their lives.

Thank you to The 606 Studio for your wonderful photo documentary of a project so near and dear to Integro’s heart.

…and a very special thank you to my parents – for your patience, your enthusiasm, and your leniency both this year and all of my years past. I have spent my life transforming the world around me and you created the very existence that I have loved. I appreciate all that you do. I love you.

Want to see more projects? Check us out at Integro Rehab!


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